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GregBioPageG. Ernest Smith

G. Ernest Smith is a retired Space Shuttle launch team member who lives near Cape Canaveral, Florida with his wife, Mary Beth. He has a son, Brandon, and a daughter, Mona, a brother, Jeff, and a sister, Gwen, who all live in California.

He enjoys sailing, Harley Davidsons, fishing, flying, writing, Miatas and eating (not necessarily in that order). He has been a contributing writer for Cycle World and Florida Touch and Go magazines.

He is a graduate of Rollins College and the Florida Institute of Technology and holds a Masters degree in Computer Science.


“A great book should make you laugh, cry or pee your pants.
Preferably all three!”
- G. Ernest Smith

MaryBioPageMary Beth Smith

Mary Beth Smith lives in Cocoa, Florida with her husband, novelist G. Ernest Smith.  She graduated from Notre Dame of Maryland University.  She has 3 cats and 1 dog and enjoys reading, writing and sailing.

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  1. Hello there. Nice to meet you. Found Apparition while scanning Amazon for another read. So glad I stumbled upon you. I’m really enjoying the book.

  2. cangel says:

    Mr. Smith,

    You are a patient of a Dr. I work for. You came in last week and brought me 4 of your books:
    Look Down, Deadly Apparition, Bone Maze & Bone Hammer, and I thank you so very much and looking forward to starting them, is there one in particular I should start 1st? Is there anyway I can get a list of all the books you have written? I love reading which is my favorite past time.

    Any information would greatly appreciated.

    • smithuser says:

      Hi Christine!

      I would read Bone Maze before Bone Hammer. They are books one and two in the Bone Ramsey detective series. With the other two it doesn’t matter. They are stories that stand alone.

      You can get a complete list of all my books at Amazon on the G. Ernest Smith page or on this web page under Books.

      I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.


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