Christmas Gift

One of the most memorable gifts I ever received was from my daughter, Mona, when she was 5 years old. We had a practice of giving the kids money for Christmas and instructing them to buy gifts for everybody. We never told them what to buy nor did we...
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So, with Ray Bradbury’s advice in mind.

All of my stories are about ordinary people, but put into impossible circumstances.  There will always be that X-Files moment where the reader says to himself, “Wait!  That’s impossible!”  It’s my job to convince them that it is possible…maybe.
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The idea for Bone Maze.

Came to me after I heard a story about my grandfather being attacked by a rabid fox in Ohio.  It came up onto his tractor after him like a guided missile, and locked its jaws onto his ankle.  It scared the piss out of him, and he had to...
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Some have said that Look Down is a science fiction novel.

I think that’s short sighted.  Hard core science fiction fans will expect something with aliens and intergalactic travel.  They’ll be disappointed.  True, it happens 70 years in the future, which would qualify it as sci-fi, but most of the fast-paced action happens on earth in places like Florida, Georgia...
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I got the idea for Assassin Awaken.

After reading an article about the bloody rituals practiced by the ancient Aztecs.  All my characters are amalgamations of people I know with the exception of Trish.   I met a homeless lady in Titusville where I was working with the American Legion to help homeless veterans.  She was...
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Early in my writing career.

I would get locked into a rewrite loop.  I would write a story, then dissatisfied with what I had done, I would rewrite it.   Still not satisfied, I would rewrite again and again and again.  I couldn’t stop.  When I was writing for a flying magazine, Florida Touch...
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My wife, Mary Beth, is my editor.

I considered hiring a professional editor, but it seemed a needless expense.  My wife is an author, has a good understanding of story telling and a good command of the English language.  She’s written a biography of Theodore Roosevelt, Joy of Life, and a book on bi-polar disorder, Healing...
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A lot of people

Suspend belief as soon as they hear the premise for my stories. How could an ancient Aztec warrior wake up in modern Tampa, Florida?  How could an orbital space platform summon an ancient space entity?  How could someone program wild animals to attack and kill people?  That’s where my...
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My brother Jeff said.

“Some of your stories are far out!  Where do you get your ideas?”  I was stumped!  All I know is I read a lot.  And once in a while, I read something and think, what if…  That’s the way every story starts.  What if…?
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I’m a proud father and husband.

I’ve been a disc jockey, a technician in the U.S. Navy, a computer programmer, an engineer on the Space Shuttle launch team.  Now, I’m a story teller.  I have told three so far: Assassin Awaken, Look Down and Bone Maze.  They are all available in ebook and paperback form...
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