Coming soon: Bone Hammer

Deadly Apparition is out and I have the first 7 chapters of Bone Hammer done. Bone Hammer is another Bone Ramsey book. It takes up about 6 months after the Bone Maze ordeal. Bone and Angela are pretty much recovered from their run in with the lion and with a knife wielding hit man.

A professor from Norway visits Bone one day and retains him to find an ancient relic which has gone missing, but this is no ordinary artifact. It has the lethal ability to convert a single dark thought into instant death. Its name in Old Norse means Horrible Hammer. In the prolog the reader gets a glimpse of how easily it can be triggered and how violently it responds when a man is brutally turned into bloody gore in front of several onlookers.

Bone takes on the case and begins to look into a mysterious death nearby. A man is hit and killed, according to authorities, by a falling airplane part, although no airplane parts were ever found. Ramsey believes that the victim was the target of the hammer artifact. Someone has the hammer and is using it to settle scores. He must find it before anyone else is killed.

He is closing in on the hammer when he gets distracted. An underworld figure is starting to ask questions of Angela. They suspect her late husband was skimming from some of the funds he was handling for the mob and they corner her one day. Bone crashes the party and very forcefully tells them to get lost. As they limp away, he warns them not to come back, but they are stubborn and want answers.

Bone and his buddy Garth have their hands full tracking down the hammer while at the same time keeping an around-the-clock eye on Angela.

Well, that’s the premise! I should have it out sometime in the fall (or winter)

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