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Bone Maze

Bone Maze, by G. Ernest Smith

Rebecca Wallace is a woman who enjoys doing volunteer work with seniors. One day she is tragically  mauled by a Florida panther. Orlando detective Bone Ramsey is called in because he is one of the last people to see Rebecca Wallace alive.


Look Down

Look Down, by G. Ernest Smith

The year is 2079 and the United States again has a strong manned space flight program but it is very military. Commander Eric Nyland commands the pride of the U.S. Navy, the USS Macon, an orbital weapons platform capable of striking anywhere on earth.


Joy of Life

Joy of Life, by Mary E. Smith

If you have never read a book about Theodore Roosevelt, read this one first. If you have read other books about him, read this one to discover more about his philosophy and spirituality based on his own works. It covers his entire life from birth to death.


Healing Manic Depression

Healing Manic Depression by Mary E. Smith

Unbearable pressure at home and at work, the author became manic and crashed her car into a tree thinking she would become reincarnated.  After going to an incompetent psychiatrist,  she had the enormous good luck to switch to the best psychiatrist in the county.


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