Tri-Motor Captain Greg Young Eagle Mary and Greg

Bone River

Bone Hammer

Sarah, a young woman suffering from bee stings, poison ivy and heat exhaustion has been waiting at a river encampment for hours for her boyfriend. Bone Ramsey and his squad happen upon her and offer their help. They make a good effort to find him but to no avail. Her boyfriend has vanished without a trace. They wait for a ransom call, but it never comes. Weeks later when everyone has moved on and the boyfriend has been forgotten, he surfaces 160 miles away, and he has another man’s personality and memories.



Deadly Apparition

Deadly Apparition, by G. Ernest Smith

Commander Donald Castillo is the commander of the Virginia class fast attack nuclear submarine Kansas. It is the latest and best that the U.S. Navy has to offer. He is asked to test a new ground-breaking countermeasure that will revolutionize naval warfare.


The War Against Polio

Joy of Life, by Mary E. Smith

The author’s father came down with polio during the epidemic of 1944. This book describes his story of pain, rehabilitation and return to normality as well as inspirational stories of other polio survivors, some more severely paralyzed than he was. Most of these people adjusted well to life after polio. But 30 to 40 years later they started getting what is known as post-polio syndrome which the author’s father had also.


Healing Manic Depression

Healing Manic Depression by Mary E. Smith

Unbearable pressure at home and at work, the author became manic and crashed her car into a tree thinking she would become reincarnated.  After going to an incompetent psychiatrist,  she had the enormous good luck to switch to the best psychiatrist in the county.


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