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Black Queen

A collection of stories from G. Ernest Smith:

Henry and Elam are two seniors who live together to save money. They live modestly and except for Henry’s lust for a Lay-Z-Boy, they don’t want for much. They decide to go out one Friday night to their favorite club for a good time but a madman with a gun has other ideas and soon they are caught up in a chaotic swirl of death, politics and deceit. Henry is induced to lie about what happened. He thinks why not? Who’s gonna know?

Deadly Apparition

Deadly Apparition, by G. Ernest Smith

Commander Donald Castillo is the commander of the Virginia class fast attack nuclear submarine Kansas. It is the latest and best that the U.S. Navy has to offer. He is asked to test a new ground-breaking countermeasure that will revolutionize naval warfare.


Preserve Protect and Defend

Joy of Life, by Mary E. Smith

As I was studying Lincoln I wondered why a pioneer child would want to learn to read, something no other child at that time wanted to do. These days children want to learn to read because their older siblings do it. Parents read. Their parents take them to the public library (children’s section). Parents read to their children. Children conclude that if you want to be a big person, learn to read. But why would a poor pioneer child want to do such an unpopular activity? Especially since pioneer children rarely attended school.


Dwight D. Eisenhower at War

Dwight D. Eisenhower at War, by Mary E. Smith

Eisenhower was the greatest general in the greatest war in history. He said, “This war was a holy war. More than any other in history this war has been an array of the forces of evil against those of righteousness.” This war was the pinnacle of his life.

The book covers all of the European battles including D-Day.


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